I have a boatload of Linkedin contacts. Most of them I have never met though. I just get random requests all the time, normally followed by a pitch slap (immediate sales pitch right after accepting a request to connect)

I wanted to see if I could get some use out of these connections.

I’m considering launching a content creation service for my agency, but I want to know if people would pay for it, and if so, how much they would pay.

I want to sell 1 piece of really good quality content that’s shareable and could get attention like infographics, top 10s, weekly roundups etc. and I want $1000/month for it.

I sent out 4 messages today, and will send out 4 more each day till I get some replies.

I’ll post the results here…

Day 1

After sending yesterday’s 4 messages. I got zero replies. I’m sending out more today, let’s see how it goes.

Really shows how not genuine connection requests are. I’d like to think up a way to make real connections on Linkedin.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x