Cold calling is the best way to get started getting clients for any business.  It’s free. You pick up the phone and get busy starting conversations with people who need your product or service.

I’ve gotten many clients from cold calls, but it seems 2019 is the year for phone spam and people are getting pissed. It was time to try something different.

Rather than calling, starting a conversation about their current website, or LACK OF a website all together I decided to try something different

What is the reverse cold call?

It’s where you essentially create something first, then call to show it to prospects. I’ll break it down step by step.

think of a niche

You’re going to want to call people that aren’t getting pounded by cold calls every day. Lawyers, plumbers and chiropractors are getting probably 10 other people calling before 10am. I started with CPAs, Bakeries and painters. These people didn’t indicate they were getting calls ALL THE TIME like the typical businesses I listed before.

Next find a great looking template. You want this to be easy and take as little time as possible. This is where Elegant Themes is awesome because they give you 2 free layouts every week that look amazing and will wow the people you send it to after you brand it as your own.  If you don’t have a membership check it out here:

Check out these layouts for Divi from Elegant themes:

As you can see, very high quality, and they come free with the membership.  Check out Elegant themes now if you haven’t already.

Make a list

After you have a layout put together, you need to make a list. I like using Linkedin Sales Navigator to find businesses with owners names. But this can be as easy as just searching in Google for the businesses in your area.

I recommend calling at least 20 businesses per niche.  At the very least you should get 2 solid leads, but at my rate I’m getting 5 per 20 calls.

Your Script

This part is super easy. Just don’t over think it.  Remember your calling people who NEED your service and should be happy you called.

Script without business owners name:

this is my exact script.

“Hi my name is Troy, I’m a web designer and made a design that would work really well for [ your industry ] I was hoping to send it to someone at your company and see what you think. Who should I send it to?”

This will most likely get you the owners name where you will get to talk to them right then, or their email address so you can send over an email and follow up later.

This has worked really well for me.

Script with business owners name:

“Hi is [ owners name ] available?

Hi Bob, my name is Troy, I’m a local web designer. I created a design that would work really well for people in [ your industry ]. I was hoping to send it over to you and see what you think?”

Nearly every time I’ve gotten in touch they say, Sure, send it over. I then get their email address and start a dialogue.


In 3 days I was able to get 10 solid leads and send out 3 proposals that will likely turn into clients. It has been far more effective than calling to start a conversation about even thinking about putting a design together.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think about the reverse cold call?

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