It’s Monday morning and I’m stoked to get business going. I’ve made 1 call so far and booked 1 appointment.

One thing I’ve found fun about running my own business so far is that everything can change for the better in 1 single day. I’m hoping I can close my appointment tomorrow morning and get an invoice paid from another client that’s been on the fence.

That would put me in a pretty sweet spot going forward.

Why 300 calls per week?

I’m tired of struggling. I know I get about 1 – 2 leads per 10 calls on average but most end up falling off somewhere.

I’m planning on a 3 percent conversion per 100 calls and I want to get out of the selling phase and get to marketing where I can actually run a sustainable business.

I think committing to 300 calls per week and getting it done no matter what will get me to a point in a very short time where I can move to a better stage in my business.

What is the goal?

I want to get my design agency to the point where I can take on clients anywhere in the country without physically meeting.

I’ll post more on how I see that working later.

I also want to become a fully online entrepreneur where I can create publisher properties and maybe even software (read Software Secrets) and grow a business I love.

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