I hired an assistant to fill out contact forms for several weeks. Each day she did about 20. After weeks the only responses received were people declining the service. I think it had a lot to do with the fact that it was a contact form, something about it feels less credible. I knew this, and should have thought of it sooner. Even though I’ve had messages come through my contact form that have been well written and what I think is a good marketing piece, I still never give then as much credit.

I’d consider marketing via company contact forms a wasted effort.

I’m trying some new things. Unless you live in outerspace, you know the Coronavirus has been causing havoc in out economy. I’ve made the decision that I am going to thrive no matter what.

It’s opened me up to a lot of things I’ve wanted to try over the years but haven’t. Reaching out to people via their contact forms is one of them.

Benefits of reaching out via the contact form

Well, for starters, it’s easy! You find someone who needs your service and you submit your message.

It’s GDPR compliant (as far as I know… let me know if I’m wrong)

You can reach a lot of people really quickly.

People go to great lengths to make sure their contact forms don’t go to that spam folder. Since it’s so important almost every business has white listed incoming emails from the contact form.

What to say when submitting a message

I’ve created a document in Google Docs with some of my best outreach scripts. I have it open and depending on what the prospect needs I copy and paste, then modify the entry so it’s customized to them, but still saves me a ton of time.

Click here if you want my proven outreach scripts

Depending on the service they need it goes something like this

Subject: quick question about (BUSINESS NAME)

Body: Hey,


I noticed (SOMETHING WRONG) and I want to help

Can you please have someone call me reguarding (BENEFIT YOU OFFER)?

My number is 801-555-1234


Troy C

Finding Niche Specific Contact Forms

I get it, this isn’t too difficult. You can simply go to Google, type it in and start navigating to contact pages and get to work, right?

Well I’ve found a way to save a bunch of time using some Google search operators to speed up the process.

Open Google and type in fill out the form in parentheses, contact form in parentheses and the niche plus area you’re looking for. It will look like this:

“fill out the form” “contact us” plumber utah

Then you right click each result and open in a new page. That way you can quickly go from page to page filling out the forms.

My results

I haven’t been at this for long but it’s proving to be effective when you customize each form and show that you put in some real work and interest in their business.

I’ll post an update at the end of this month after doing at least 20, but usually a lot more of these per day.

Have you tried using contact forms for outreach? Would you please let me know how it worked for you in the comments?

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