It’s happened to every social network. That time when everyone starts talking about their reach dropping.

Instagram can still be used very successfully to drive traffic. I’m about to publish a post on Linkedin about using paid shout outs to drive cheap, high quality traffic.

It’s true though, I recently started a dog related Instagram account with a blog for affiliate marketing. My goal is to create a brand around dogs that makes me $100 to $200 per day from display ads and affiliate programs.

I’m noticing around 10 percent of people actually see my post.

I’m a big fan of Russell Brunson, He just did a podcast talking about how he went from getting around 10 thousand likes per post to about 3 recently, but they are always testing what’s working.

In his podcast he talks about finding the influencers that are consistently showing up and getting attention, scroll through their feeds and see what posts are getting the most buzz.

Lately it’s posts like this:
What’s popular in late 2019

Point being, trends come up. When you see something becoming popular jump on and get the extra buzz that comes with it.

It’s all about finding what the platform is rewarding and jumping on before everyone else does.

Check out Russells podcast episode here

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