I was thinking about how to get more relationships with business owners where they like and trust me.

I had a local company who had gotten rid of some of their supplier hire me to remove and add a couple logos to a brands page. I think this increased the value of our relationship and I sent over a proposal for $3750 to redo the whole site.

So I think I’m going to focus more on foot in the door services.

The Plan For This Upcoming Week

It’s Labor Day weekend which sucks for me. I really just want to be working and growing my business. I’m going to go to a heavily business populated area and offer to take 5 to 10 social media optimized images for only $25. I’ll say it’s to build my portfolio, which I mean, who couldn’t use more quality stuff in their portfolio. Maybe if that doesn’t work I’ll even offer it in exchange for a testimonial. It’s the transaction I’m focusing on, not the money changing hands, although it is a plus.

I might think up a couple more foot in the door services and go offer them. We’ll see how it goes.

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