I wanted to get rid of stuff, but I did’t want to just throw it away. I wanted to make some money but I didn’t really want to deal with people coming to my house by listing in on Facebook marketplace.

So I signed up for an account on Mercari and Ebay and started listing my items.

After a couple items got bids on Ebay, and my Mercari items started getting likes. I started getting a little nervous about how I was going to ship some of these items.

I sold one item and went to the local USPS office and after buying bubble wrap, and a small box I barely made any money at all on the sale.

After a couple Mercari sales I was told that the UPS store would pack and ship my items for me. I was excited! after I took everything to UPS, got it ready to go, even after my prepaid shipping labels I had to pay over $40 to send off my items!! I really got my butt handed to me on shipping and packing cost and made no money at all on these online sales.


The local neighborhood Walmart sells boxes if a few different sized for about 60 cents a piece. Since everything didn’t fit perfectly in each box size I went looking for Packing peanuts. The Uhaul store sells a huge bag of packing peanuts for $5, and they’re biodegradable too! Nice to know I won’t be jamming the landfill full of styrofoam.

I’ve found USPS is the cheapest to use for shipping when you get prepaid labels from either Ebay or Mercari. Now when you enter in your shipping information to get a label you know the exact dimensions of the box you purchased and the weight shouldn’t be too hard to figure out. If you google your Item you will probably find the exact weight and just add about 4 to 8 ounces for the packaging.


Shipping is more expensive than most people realize, but you can still make a profit.

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