As marketers we’re always wanting to learn what others are doing so we can do better ourselves.

I just funnel hacked a VSL presentation that “promised tons of value” and told me I was going to learn so much from this value packed webinar (it was an evergreen webinar)

I’ll admit I did learn a few things and get plenty of good ideas. that is after I skipped the first 50 minutes of nonsense selling.

I’m not saying there is nothing to gain from watching others sell, but it can get excessive.

How to Funnel Hack The Video

You need a chrome extension called video speed controller

image via Chrome Web Store Page

Once this is installed go to your setting and configure what your hot buttons will do.

I have D speed up by .10

S slows it down by .10

X skips forward in the video by 30 seconds

Z rewinds 15 seconds

So to get started I speed up the video as much as I can, usually to 2.0 or 2.2 depending on how fast the person talks normally. Then I start skipping ahead by 30 seconds at a time till we hit the value. If you go to far rewind by 15 seconds and you will be able to get to a good spot.

Being able to skip around in the video presentation will save you so much time and really help you find what you’re looking for.

How I document my VSL Funnel Hacking

It’s actually easiest to use a note taking app on your phone like Evernote or Apple notes. I outline the main points, note anything I want to remember and if there is a slide or list in the video just pause it, take a photo with your phone and insert it into your notes.


In the marketing world we are constantly invited to “value packed” evergreen webinars that promise to get to the info quickly, but string you along for sometimes 2 hours or more.

Use this method and you will save a lot of time and learn a ton!

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