I’ve seen a ton of large accounts using this strategy. Not necessarily “branded” accounts. But an account with 500k follows is valuable in it own way.

find great content

Simple to do, follow relevant accounts. Use hashtags. Whenever you find a great account put it on a list because they’re not always going to show up in your feed. So it’s a good idea to check all the favorites when you’re looking for content

Repost it

while making sure to give credit to the original creator. I would take this a step further and ask the original creator to use it. Even if you’ve posted it already shoot them a DM and ask if that’s ok.

This is another reason to network and always be giving the other accounts you like comments and likes. They will be more likely to reciprocate and let you use their content.

Use hashtags

I like to use the Tag-O-Matic app. It helps you come up with all the relevant hashtags. I’ll find 20 to 30 and add it way below the description of a post or adding them to the first comment.

Use Comment Bate

This just means to add a question to your post. The more comments and engagement you get the more feeds you will show up in. So it is vital to get as many comments as possible.

Do Shout for Shouts

As your account begins to grow you should be aware of similar accounts that are similar in size. Reach out to them for a “shout for shout” where you each share the other’s post and tag them asking your follows to check them out.

This should provide a good amount of growth.

My Additional Thoughts

Neil doesn’t cover this but I know this is SUPER effective. There are usually non branded accounts with massive followers. Make a list of 10 to 20 of them and reach out asking what a 1 – 2 hour shout out would cost. When you get a few replies, do some research on the account and pick the best one.

Buy a shout out and watch your account grow very quickly. This is like dumping gas on a fire and will give you the best bang for your buck.


These steps should get your account growing at a pretty good rate. Drop a comment and let me know what would you add to the list?

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