I was listening to the latest episode of Marketing School today where Neil and Eric talked about getting speaking gigs.

I’m pretty interested in this. I’d at least like to get one and see how I like it.

Here are some key takeaways from Neil Patel and Eric Sui on how they got gigs in the latest episode of marketing school on Getting speaking gigs

1 – Basically first they just looked up events and applied as speakers, after applying to a bunch of them they eventually got a gig.

2 – Plan on speaking for free for the first while before getting paid for speaking gigs. It’s good practice, will build your brand, get you clients and more so it’s totally worth it to speak for free.

3 – Eric mentions a guy named Bryan Harris that runs something called “Agent” to find speaking gigs, I couldn’t find it though.

4 – Google search “top ‘your industry’ conferences” + the year you want to speak and it should pull up opportunities. They you can reach out to them and volunteer to speak.

5 – Aim to offer a ton of value. Before speaking reach out to the event coordinator and see who is going to be in the audience and what they need to hear.

I am personally interested in speaking at an event soon to build up my brand so I’ll give some of this stuff a try.

I think I have a lot to offer in the arena of bootstrapping an agency off the ground and building sustainable recurring revenue.

Here is an older podcast of theirs on speaking gigs which is also pretty valuable.

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