I’m always interested in new prospecting methods. Especially ones that others have used successfully.

I was watching some marketing videos and came up with this idea. I’m sure others have done this and that it’s not anything new.

The Method

Do research and find the top 10 to 20 local businesses that could use your service. Find out the owners names, who built their website, what their social media pages look like, their online reputation, basically everything. THis way you’ve got several angles you can take. You can go for a foot in the door service like logo design or social media page design or go in for the kill and get a web design deal.

Go out on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at 6am when the bakeries open and buy a few boxes of donuts.

Walk in to each business and hand them over to the receptionist or first person you see that could help you. Don’t ignore the receptionist here, say something friendly, intoduce yourself, and be sure you find out their name.

Next ask if the owner or person in charge is available, if they are acknowledge that you know they’re probably busy but ask if you can have a 15 minute meeting with them tomorrow, or the next day. Once you’ve got the appointment, you’re set!

If the person is not available at the moment call sometime over the next couple days and ask for the person who’s name you got when you handed over the donuts. Intro yourself as the donut guy, make some small talk and try to get an appointment then.

This should get you a 20 to 30 percent closing rate if you have done your research right. So if the donuts cost $8 for each dozen you’ve closed 3 deals for an acquisition cost of $27 each.

Not bad!

Have I tried this?

As of today, no.

I will be testing this over the next 30 days and I’ll add an update to this post when I’ve got the results.

Any questions? Let me know in the comments!

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