If you cold call for clients, voicemail is gonna be your best friend.

I always leave a voicemail if given the opportunity. I believe the more a potential client hears from you, even if it’s recorded or in emails the better, it builds trust.

Make a campaign out of it.

If you want to take it to the next level, call when businesses are closed. You can easily crank out 20 to 30 in an hour and It’s a great way to get a conversation started, because the person on the other end is either going to 1) call you back or 2) know who you are next time you call. You can also use a service like Sly broadcast (use referral code 51043f100 and get 100 for free!) which I’ll talk about later in this post.

Voicemail Drops

If you can customize your message to sound like it isn’t generic you can schedule hundreds of voicemails to go out all at the same time using voicemail drops with Sly Broadcast.

It’s incredibly easy and cost effective. Pricing starts at $10 per 100 voicemails delivered, and the price drops the more your order. Also you’re not charged if the voicemail isn’t left, which is a pretty good deal!

So for example let’s say you purchased a 1000 voicemail pack and sent them out, even if only 1 percent of them turned into an appointment that’s only $6 per lead!


This is something I’m just now starting to dabble in and am seeing great results. It is absolutely worth your time in your developing your business.

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