Disney plus launched recently and it’s brought a lot of attention from the entrepreneur community.

Reason being is Disney added 1 billion dollars to their annual income in a single day!

That is insanely impressive.

It wasn’t built in a day. Disney has been growing for over 96 years! Disney was founded on October 16th 1923 in Los Angeles California.

I was interested in their growth and the companies they have acquired so I thought I’d but together a list.

Enjoy! Also let me know if I’ve missed any

Companies acquired by Disney


Known for their great animated movies. They’ve got hit movies under their belt like

  • Toy Story
  • Cars
  • Coco
  • Monsters Inc
  • Up
  • and many more

ABC (American Broadcasting Company)

ABC was on every kids TV growing up as one of the basic channels available for free to most people. ABC currently has some highly popular shows including

  • Greys Anatomy
  • General Hospital
  • Shark Tank (one of my favorites)


I like that Hulu and ABC are under the same umbrella. That way I get to watch Shark Tank with no commercials 🙂

Hulu is extremely popular and is producing more and more original series and movies like

Recent Hulu Originals


Everyone know ESPN. At least if you’re a sports fan.

If you want to watch basketball, football, golf, hockey or any other sport, this is the place for that.

Touchstone Pictures

Touchstone Pictures has been making movies since the 1980’s.

Some of my favorites are The Proposal and Pearl Harbor.

History Channel

Does anyone else love the history channel for late night TV. Seriously I can get hooked in a Pawn Stars marathon for hours.

Other notable shows are Ancient Aliens and Forged in Fire.


These are just a few companies owned by Disney. Want me to complete the list?

Leave a comment and I’ll put more together…

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