You probably landed on this page wondering if cold calling on Saturday is worth your time. If enough business are even open on to make cold calling worth it and well, you whant to know what other people have experienced.

Am I right?

I’m going to outline my experience of making cold calls on Saturdays and what I experienced as a digital agency owner. Whatever business you are in, I’m sure you will see similar results.

My Experience

I wanted to make the most of the time available so I put together a list of businesses I wanted to call ahead of time.

I did some research and could only find one other page about making cold calls on Saturdays on this forum thread about the topic and they said between 9am and 1pm work on Saturdays and working time zones is a good idea.

So if you’re on the east coast in the USA you could start at 9am till 1pm in your time zone, then work across the country as the time changes, making a full day of it.

I was able to reach business owners pretty much the entire time. What I experienced was that either the business was closed, in which case I left a voicemail, or the owner was there and took my call.

They didn’t sound annoyed and honestly were surprised that anyone called. None of them wanted to talk right then but people were happy to schedule a time to talk in the upcoming week.

Honestly if you’re getting started in a B2B business, cold calling on Saturday is a must if you ask me.

Here is what you need to do to make weekend cold calls a success

Get started early. I’m talking about 9am in your local time.

I had originally thought that you would need to pick a certain type of business to actually talk to people, but this is not the case. I’ve talked to people from every business type. Business owners often work on Saturday. Plus leaving voicemails has proven to be really effective too with what I’m guessing to be about a 10 percent call back rate.

I make sure I’ve got a good sized list of businesses to call that I’ve researched using Sales Genie, and set a timer for 25 minutes where I will do nothing else but make calls, take a 10 minute break then set the timer again.

Crank them out because people have their guard down. They’re not expecting a cold call so when you start calling you’re going to have more conversations than you expect.

If they don’t answer leave a voicemail and try again during the week. You’ll get people saying things like “yeah hi! I got your voicemail” and it’s easier to get a conversation going.

I’d say calling till about 1pm is when you’re going to have all of your success and to call it quits after that.


I’ve already outlined in this article that making cold calls on the weekend is a good idea. If you need the business or are just starting out, I would say it’s essential. It may be hard to muster up the motivation so I would recommend being prepared for Saturday the day before.

Have you tried making cold calls on Saturdays? Please let me know how it went for you in the comments! I’m happy to help in any way that I can.

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