Cold calling is the quickest way to jump start any business.


Whether the person on the other end of the phone likes it or not, you’re instantly talking to people who need your service. So when it comes to cold calling you need to have your game turned to level 10, and I’m going to show you how.

Finding people to call

When you first think to yourself “I’m going to do a ton of cold calls” you don’t think finding people to call is going to be tough.

Then you get surprised and realize you gotta source your leads.

Here are the 3 places I go to source cold call leads and the pro’s and cons of each

Buying business data

I recently posted about purchasing business data. I’ve purchased memberships to Salesgenie, Salesripe, Salesflower and a couple others.

Pros: These are good because they have TONS of business data. They are relatively inexpensive at around $50 to $150 per month

Cons: They also suck because you’re going to find a lot of data that’s not accurate. You gotta spend a lot of time making your lists and exporting it in a way you can use

Outsource lead lists to freelancer

This is my preferred method.

There are a ton of freelancers primarily in India and Pakistan that thrive off this kind of work and they already have all the tools to do it quickly.

I simply make a job post on Upwork. Here is an exact copy of one of my job postings:

I need lists of businesses created in my local area.

The list needs to have:
    1 – the current business owners name
    2 – current phone number
    3 – current website URL

I will pay 5 cents USD per lead.

This is a great gig for someone who has access to current business lists etc

My upwork job posting

That’s pretty simple. In the first 5 minutes I had about 10 applicants and hired a guy named Khuram within an hour who is stoked to be making 5 cents per lead.

Pros: You can throttle your lead flow. I have them make a list of 100 at a time for $5 a pop. You can coach your freelancer to get you the best leads as time goes on.

Cons: Sometimes the freelancer gives you crappy data.

Using Linkedin Sales Navigator

Update to this section coming shortly I love sales navigator now and have a new strategy that gets leads like crazy

This is a blog post in itself. Every month I wonder if Sales Navigator is worth renewing, but I end up doing it anyway.

Searching for leads or accounts through Sales Navigator is tough, the search feature isn’t great. Every time I’ve done the same search twice it returns the results in a different order making it impossible to figure out where you left off.

Linkedin Sales Navigator has it’s perks, but making lists for selling web design is something I would not recommend

Digging Through Google – The REALLY COLD call

This isn’t the worst option. I’ve done it many times.

Simply search a vertical, call the companies without websites, and the ones with websites that look bad and just introduce yourself and try to start a conversation.

It takes a little longer because your adding the fact finding step to your calls, but it IS effective and I would recommend this on a regular basis because you’ll uncover leads you wouldn’t have otherwise.

What to say – Your Script

I’ve made thousands of calls, read sales books, took courses and practiced a loooot.

Here are some tips and a set of scripts I’ve found effective


Make sure you have a general script that you’ve practiced over and over. You will thank yourself later.

Be crazy enthusiastic. I mean REALLY. It’s the one thing I’ve noticed that makes the biggest difference in calls. Reading a script gets you hung up on. Showing your happiness and enthusiasm for what you do will get you conversations that everyone else misses.

Make as many calls as possible without getting emotional at the outcome. I’ve had days where I get 5 amazing leads in 1 hour. I’ve also had days where it’s a bust after making calls for 5 hours straight. In the end the numbers will work in your favor.

Having a business only phone will help you stay a lot more organized. I bought a Strait Talk Android phone from Walmart for only $25 and $25/month for unlimited calls and texts.

Text people, it works.



Hey there! My name is Troy. The reason for my call is I run a local web design company and noticed your site could use an update (or insert what it needs) Is that something I could talk with you about? or is there someone else I could chat with?

The cold call with owners name

Hey there, can I talk with (Owners name)?

Hi (Owner) My name is Troy, the reason I’m calling is that I run a local web design company and noticed your site could use an update. Have you considered getting it fixed up?

Seeing a trend here? This works. I’ve made 10’s of thousands of dollars over the last year using these simple opener scripts.

I also have a similar script that I leave on voicemails and texts.

What kind of results I’ve gotten

I keep every call in a CRM. I’ve closed some deals within a single day for $3000+ and I’ve also closed deals that I’ve been talking with the business for over a year.

The results start stacking up when you are consistently calling and following up every day.

Tracking your activity

CRMs are all a pain in the butt. I’ve tried Salesforce, Freshsales, Streak, Zoho, Hubspot and just keeping everything is a spreadsheet. I haven’t found a CRM that I love but if it keeps your data, notes and gives you reminders that you’ve set it should get the job done.

Any questions? Let me know in the comments!

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