I’ve realized it’s time to change things up. I no longer consider myself a design agency.

I consider myself a social media power house agency that engineers socially optimized websites as an add on service to my social media clients.

Even though upfront dollar amounts are higher in web design; people what social media glory first.

I realized this at an appointment today. A woman I’d met with previously suddenly called me to design a new ecommerce site because she had someone who was gonna blow up her social media.

Benefits of being a social first agency

I’m free to contact SOOOO many more businesses if I’m doing outreach. This equals more opportunities and faster startup I.E. getting cash coming in now, not later.

The upsell to a better performing website is a natural flow after getting them more traffic and interested prospects/customers.

Working with businesses that want to grow is SO refreshing after having a bunch of web design clients that only want a pro site but don’t care about growth.

It’s fairly easy to remove myself in the fulfillment process and outsource 80% of the work.

I can offer low cost plans that are easy to fulfill and I can offer really good social management at a premium.

It’s what the market wants and as a business owner I have to respect that.

Overall I’m excited about this shift. I feel like I’ll be able to hit the ground running when it comes to getting business rolling. I’ll EASILY be able to crank out 100 calls each day and have customers in no time.

I got the course from the queen of social media herself Rachel Pedersen. Looks like getting $1k – $2k per month clients is going to be a snap.

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