When first starting a B2B business you need to have quality data so you don’t suck all the time out of your day doing research.

When I first started my web design agency I had my first $20k by simply cold calling companies that I found in a business data platform I had to pay $50/month for.

I’ve tried several and I’m going to give a short review of each below.

Sales Genie

Sales Genie

I put this one first to save you time. If you are looking for the best source and don’t want to read a whole article this is the one you should go with.

They have several options when it comes to pricing. What I did was ask for a package that did not have monthly exports. I don’t need them anyway because Sales genie kind of works like a mini-CRM.

You can log in and see contacts organized by lead stage, activity and tags. As you make progress with your contacts I’d recommend moving to a CRM like Hubspot.

By far the best option.


Sales Ripe

I used sales ripe for several months. They have a good search feature and the data was pretty consistent with what you would expect from a data company, roughly 90%-ish accurate.

The pros of Sales Ripe are the cost. It was $50/month and I got around 1000 monthly exports.

Cons were the it’s just the data, you need a way to sort things. With sales ripe you’re most likely going to use the exports and sort it out later.

Great for the price if you just need to export a bunch of data and be done.


Infofree and Salesflower

These two seemingly separate companies are exactly the same and owned by the same company.

With infofree you get access to their CRM (not worth it) and the data is pretty much exactly the same as everyone else. They claim higher accuracy but I had PLENTY of calls that the data seemed to be years old.

Sales Flower is the same thing without the CRM and a slightly cheaper price tag. Right now it’s $79/month for 2 users with a $99 activation fee. Let’s be real, an activation fee doesn’t fit this type of business, usually an activation fee if for companies that have to go through extra efforts to onboard new clients, NOT just give you access to software and data… stupid.

Not recommended.

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