I think of myself as an idea machine and hard worker. Like many others people though, I’ve found myself at the end of a day and even a week without having accomplished a lot. M business and productivity is important to me, and if your reading this or any of our business development articles, I’m assuming it’s important to you too.

I had to figure out a system to make myself get the really important things done so I could grow my business, make more money and have time for the random stuff I wanted to do too.

The first thing is a checklist. I use the one from Google so it can live in my email but also on my phone. but almost always have one on paper on my desk too.

Google tasks inside Gmail

You can find the Google app in your gmail by clicking the tasks button.

This will open your tasks in the sidebar where you can add details and set reminders. It’s pretty satisfying to check them off and see the total number of tasks completed.

They also have an app for both IOS and Android that is pretty convenient on your phone.

I love that it will alert you with reminders and that I can input my tasks from my computer or my phone.

Google tasks on google play store.

Just having your most important tasks in front of you will make a BIG difference. If you are having any issue with it use Googles tutorials here.

Cherry Tomato

The next app is called Cherry Tomato. You can find it for free in the Google Chrome web store.

This app allows you to set time intervals.

The way I use it is I have a 25, 20, 15 and 10 minute time limits set. When I sit down at my desk I identify the most important task for the day, pick an amount of time and focus on that task and nothing else until the timer goes off.

This is a lot of fun because you start to get a feel for how much you can REALLY get done in 25 minutes and start to have a pretty solid guess at how many time slots it will take to complete a big task.

This is amazing for working on the computer but, I get it, you are not always working on the computer which is why I use the next app too.

Focus Keeper

This is basically the same thing but it is just the IOS app. If it’s not on Android there is something similar for sure.

Set your time slots and get to work!


I know there are a ton of other methods but this one really helped me get so much more done in a day.

One problem I have is I always come up with interesting ideas while in the middle of a time slot. What I do is quickly add my idea to my tasks list or write it on a sticky note. That way I can get to it in between time slots or after.

Using this method will let you get more work done, but also set time to do fun things or watch random YouTube videos or whatever.

What apps do you use? Leave a comment below!

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